If Yes, Keep Reading…

In today’s fast-paced environment, you receive information from many channels —e-mail, Internet, news, TV, etc. This presents a problem, Information Overload! You probably ask yourself “How do I know what’s important?”

That’s where I come in!

My name is Andrea Daniels and I am a technical writer with more than 20 years experience writing for both large and small companies. My goal is to create well-written, professional materials that represent the image of your company. Just to name a few of my strengths:

  • Experience working in technology, banking, finance, medical, sales, telecommunications, transportation, and more
  • Excellent research and interview skills
  • Comfortable with many writing styles and formats
  • Able to quickly learn software and embrace new concepts
  • Can manage the process of creating complex documents —from conceptualizing, defining objectives, planning, and production
  • Able to schedule and prioritize task loads to meet changing deadlines, deliverables, and project scope expansions
  • Comfortable working under deadline pressure —alone or in a team environment

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